Bartenders & Servers

THE A Wait Staff

Our friendly professional Bartenders and Servers tend and serve at private parties, weddings and large events in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our party staff anticipate the needs of your guests and keep your home or event space spotless and clean throughout your event.





Private Event Staffing

Don’t get stuck behind the bar or kitchen concerned about food at right temperature and picking up after your guests. Our party staff, serve and clean so you can fully enjoy the company of your guests.  Send us email to check availability for bartenders and wait staff for your cocktail, dinner or holiday party. Email:


It’s your big day and you want to share your favorite food from your favorite restaurant, but they only drop-off. No worries, we here to help you share your fave bite with your guests. Our friendly professional servers and bartenders provide impeccable service.

Wedding Staffing

We’re here to help you better serve your clients. Contact us for reliable Bartenders & Servers to elevate your clients experience. Send inquiries to:



Abla Doku is the hidden “weapon” THE A, an event design, planning and staffing company based in VA.  I have started working with Abla the holiday season 2013, and I will say that there is nothing Abla will not do to make sure your event  as successful as possible.” Hagai M, Chef & Co-Owner – Palette Dome Cuisine

“My bartender was very sweet and extremely helpful. He broke down the bar and I never knew it was broken down. He offered to take out the trash as well, but we could not make the elevators work. He would have done that too if we had been able to do it. I will very much to recommend THE A bartending services to colleagues, family and friends.” – Marcia C

Uniform – Bartenders and Wait Staff

  • Black Slack/Skirt, White Shirt and Red Bow Tie unless otherwise requested.

OPTIONS: Black Slack/Skirt, Black Shirt and Black Tie

White shirt, black pants and black tie; Khaki pants or shorts; white or black polo type shirt

Full tuxedo. (We will consider reasonable request for non-listed uniform)

Servers can replenish buffet but cannot cook any food. A chef is needed to cook food.

Bartender: Let us know if they are expected to mix up martinis and blender drinks so we can match the correct bartender to your event.


We carry a limited collection of glassware, barware, table linens, cocktail tables, Table Covers and buffet tables to make the staging and execution of events seamless.

Let us know what items you need to complete the ambiance of your party.
Open Bar Vs Cash Bar
Is your affair open to the public? Wondering if you should go the cash bar  or  open bar route? What is Cash Bar? We will be happy to help you make an educated choice based on what we have seen works.  Some things to consider while making a decision on the kind of bar will be appropriate for your event.
What type of event
What is the size is your event?
Who are your audience?
Send email to and we will be happy to help you with your Cash Bar Vs Open Bar questions.
***Note: We do not supply alcohol.