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Ever wondered what your wedding guests are thinking while attending your ceremony and reception and wish they could tell you exactly what is on their minds? I do not think so! First of all you are busy and you think you have planned the event carefully to take good care and entertain your guest and

Ready to Get Off the Beaten Path? Make Your Next Party a Pop-Up!   Take a regular party; add mystery, spontaneity and a unique setting, and you’ve got a pop-up. Like pop-up shops and restaurants, pop-up parties move celebrations from traditional settings to any gorgeous, fun or quirky place that sparks your interest. These parties

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Meet THE A Panel

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Cashless Capital Luncheon, Tuesday January 27th @ The Tower Club Are you a freelancer or small business owner? Got legal or tax questions relating to your business you wish you could pick up the phone and call a Corporate Attorney or Tax Guru about? Join THE A Panel at Cashless Capital Luncheon, Tuesday January 27th

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What a journey! What a ride! This has been an absolutely amazing year. During the year, I learned and grew immensely, in rewarding ways. To say “I appreciate” what the year has brought me, the tangibles and intangibles, would be an understatement.   I learned to trust others, allowing them to help me bring my

WIN $25 Gift Amazon or Starbucks Gift Card

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Give as a gift this holiday season or give a gift to yourself. The $25 Amazon or Starbucks Was polishes months other Also Gift Card Giveaway has been extended through Sunday November 17th. A winner will be announced on Monday November 18th. Click here for a chance to WIN! Who won? Click here to find

Be A Guest At Your Party!

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Be A Guest At Your Party! At EventStagers, we strive to serve the event staff needs of our clients for bartenders and servers with excellence to fulfill our goal of helping individuals be guest at their own party or event. One of the ways we do this is through client feedback. We caught up with

Amazon/Starbucks Gift Card Giveway Winner

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FOR IMMIDIATE RELEASE What Does Wearing Red, EventStagers Founder Abla Doku, Red Tie DC And ComedySportz Show Have In Common? MCLEAN, VA, January 10, 2014  In cities and small towns across the world where it seems everyone is busy and hurried many are enduring the effects of life after domestic violence. The first 2014 Red

A big thank you to all the attendees of RED TiE DC’s Mixer and for supporting The Arc of Northern Virginia. We are especially grateful knowing the World Cup match was calling many. To learn more about how the needs of people with mental and developmental disabilities are being met by The Arc of Northern