Ready to Get Off the Beaten Path? Make Your Next Party a Pop-Up!

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Ready to Get Off the Beaten Path? Make Your Next Party a Pop-Up!


Take a regular party; add mystery, spontaneity and a unique setting, and you’ve got a pop-up. Like pop-up shops and restaurants, pop-up parties move celebrations from traditional settings to any gorgeous, fun or quirky place that sparks your interest. These parties create a new kind of chemistry by mixing stimulating surroundings with good friends and good food. If you’re looking to surprise your guests and give them a night to remember, then consider a pop-up for your next occasion. Here are a few hints on how to do it right:


Find a great place. The real thrill of a pop-up comes from holding a party where it’s not expected. Look for areas with charm and interest, such as parks, beaches, or old barns. You can also go for eccentric locales. Think of bowling alleys, vintage diners, warehouses or roller rinks.


Add mystery. Pop-ups started with the underground club scene, in which organizers keep the location secret until the last minute. Technically speaking, you don’t have to keep your party location a secret, but a hint of mystery raises curiosity and anticipation. Many hosts tell guests to gather at one place, and then everyone walks or shuttles to the actual party location. Some hosts let invitees know the location just a few hours before the party. You can play up the “underground” theme by asking guests to keep the location “top secret.” You can even drop tantalizing hints, such as “dress warmly” or “bring your walking shoes.”


Plan carefully. When you’re in a non-traditional space, you may need to invent creative ways to do without certain conveniences, such as electricity. Work with a caterer to select food that travels well and doesn’t need extra heating or cooling. Figure out the nearest restrooms for guests’ comfort. For atmosphere, string battery-powered twinkle lights or scatter LED candles around. And to set the musical mood, try an iPod™ with a battery-powered speaker.


Add the special touches. You can make your party even more memorable with a few extras. For example, choose decorative touches that contrast with your surroundings. Lavish floral displays stand out against the rough planks of an old barn. Elegant Chiavari chairs look decadent against the rough turf of a lakeshore. When selecting party favors, look for ways to enhance your guests’ experience. If you throw a pop-up on the beach, for example, hand out comfy flip flops so guests can bare their toes in the surf.


Bring in the pros. If you love the idea of a pop-up but worry about the extra planning, involve some professional event designers. Pros can help you choose appropriate food, set up the space, and acquire permits if needed. They can also help with backup plans in case of bad weather. If you need special services, such as caterers or musicians, or special equipment, such as popcorn makers or photo booths, event planners will steer you to reliable companies.


And here’s one last hint: stay loose. Pop-up parties embrace the unexpected so they may not always go to plan. You’ll want to just roll with it and have fun.  If a band of outlaw raccoons makes off with your braised rack of lamb, pour another glass of wine and dive into dessert.  (And make loud comments about how much you like braised rack of raccoon.) Regardless of what the party gods throw at you, you can be sure that your pop-up party will stand out as one of the most memorable occasions of the year.

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